3D comes to Times Square this weekend


If you're near New York City and want a taste of 3D home theater technology, head to the Discovery Exhibition on 44th street, at Times Square. It's home to the public exhibit of the 3D Experience, a 3D entertainment and technology event sponsored by Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and other companies with interests in 3D technology.

The exhibit features 3D displays set up by Mitsubushi, Panasonic, LG, and others, demonstrating the technology with footage from Avatar and other 3D movies and movie trailers. The trailer for Tron Legacy, coming to theaters in December, looked particularly striking in 3D.

Besides the public exhibit, the 3D Experience features panels and demonstrations for industry professionals, including speeches from IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond, National Geographic President David Beal, and International 3D Society President and CEO Jim Chabin. Despite trepidation in consumers, the electronics and entertainment industries remain very optimistic about the future of 3D movies.

Will Greenwald