VIZIO, well known for high value, low-cost LCD and plasma TVs, is now at the forefront of the latest TV technologies with the integration of a 240Hz Refresh Rate and Scanning Backlight in their 42-inch SV421XVT and 47-inch SV471XVT LCD flat panel TVs. Coupled with a Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 50,000:1 these TVs provide a contrast ratio that rivals the performance of plasma displays. The 240Hz refresh rate virtually eliminates motion blur from fast-action movie sequences and video games.

Both models also feature Advanced Glare Polarizer (AGP) and Enhanced In-Plane Switching (IPS). AGP provides up to 60% better contrast ratio in bright room environments. While earlier Anti-Glare screens tended to create an overall haze on the TV image, VIZIO's solution counteracts the effects of ambient light, and keeps images bright and crystal clear. By reducing the reflections produced by ambient light, the overall picture contrast can be preserved. IPS produces truer colors at wider viewing angles ensuring vivid and clear pictures even when sitting off-axis.

Four HDMI inputs are provided for direct connection of AV sources including a game port on the side of the unit for quick connections of game consoles, portable devices and camcorders.

When using the built-in speakers, SRS audio technologies are employed. SRS TruSurround HD improves overall performance including enhanced bass response, crisper dialog, and virtual surround sound. TruVolume allows customers to set their volume level at a pre-defined position and regardless of the content, there are no annoying volume fluctuations

The SV471XVT sells for $1399.99, while the SV421XVT retails for $1099.99