10 Beatles Songs We Wish "Rock Band" Included

This week 44 of the 45 tracks off of The Beatles: Rock Band video game have been announced, leaving the mystery 45th track up in the air until the Sept. 9 release. That gives us the chance to play the role of fortune tellers and come up with the 10 Beatles songs we want to see as that final track in the game. Granted there are over 100 possible songs to choose from, but since Rock Band has yet to introduce the Rock Band Sitar, Rock Band Piano or Rock Band Violin we were able to narrow the list down to a few that would actually work in the game. If you don't see your favorite track listed, feel free to leave it in the comments below.

The End


Two Of Us

It Won't Be Long

Strawberry Fields Forever

We Can Work It Out

In My Life

Across The Universe

There's A Place

What You're Doing