Revel Expands its Be Loudspeaker Range

The upscale Revel Be range has, up to now, been limited to a moderately large, 3-way floor-stander with dual 8-inch woofers ($10,000/pair) and a 2-way bookshelf.

That has now been widened to include a smaller 3-way tower with dual 6.5-inch woofers (the F226 Be at $7000/pair), a larger C328Be with three 8-inch woofers (15,000/pair) and a 3-way center-channel speaker.

If that triple woofer model's price seems to conflict with the similarly-priced Revel Studios, you're right. The latter may not be around much longer, though the Revel Salon remains the company's flagship.

mtrot's picture

I love that F328Be, but that tweeter looks like it will be really high, relative to seated ear level. I wonder how the vertical dispersion of the tweeter is, as I will be only 10 feet away.