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Is Your Flat Panel Wall-Mounted?

I'm starting to commission more reviews of soundbars from long-time home-theater writer Lawrence Ullman. Recently, he asked me how many people wall-mount their flat-panel TV and would therefore want to wall-mount a soundbar, which is easier said than done in some cases. The last time I saw any stats on this, the vast majority of flat-panel owners did not wall-mount their set, but rather attached the stand and placed it on top of a sturdy cabinet of some sort.

But I don't really know, so I'm asking you—is your flat-panel TV wall-mounted? If so, is it close to seated eye height, or do you have it mounted higher—say, above the fireplace? Did you do it yourself, or did you hire someone to do it? How did you hide the cables? Let us know in the comments.

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Is Your Flat Panel Wall-Mounted?

dnoonie's picture

My small room prevents me from locating the 60" flat panel on a wall without a window so it's on a stand. I simply don't have two walls long enough to fit the flat panel and a couch on walls without a window. The window is small and on the east side of the house, I have little trouble with the room being too bright but have considered black out drape in addition to the decorative blinds.

I was thinking black or dark grey but haven't researched what dark color is best for the wall behind the flat panel.

MatthewWeflen's picture

On a stand, right at seated eye height. A few reasons:

-It replaced an RPTV that was on the same stand,
-We were not convinced the walls could take it,
-I did not want to deal with fishing cables through drywall,
-leaving it on a stand makes changing components much easier,
-I don't want it higher than eye height, and it seems silly to mount at eye height,
-we put a PC tower behind the TV on the stand anyway.

dd3kv2's picture

I just put my P59D8000 on the wall last weekend. It was an easy task to complete by myself. The only issue I had, if you could call it an issue, was the wall I was mounting it on was concrete. All you need is a drill, a leveler, and the proper drill bit.

msardo's picture

Mine is on a stand, eye level when seated. Very simple. It is in my living room.

If the flat panel was in my bedroom - I would consider wall mounting due to lack of space available.

If I were to have a dedicated theater room once again, I would have a projector mounted in the back, but for the spirit of this poll, if it were a flat panel in the dedicated room, I would probably mount it so it was the only thing on the front wall, save from the front speakers.

David Vaughn's picture
Mine's mounted on a wall mount in our den/guest room (hide-a-bed) couch.
Sackrat's picture

51 inch on stand eye level in family room. Also, immediately below it is a sound bar plus sub for a 3.1 system. Sound bar is great for sports. My HT room 65 inch is also on a stand at eye level using a 7.1 system.

jjljr's picture

our Hitachi plasma is mounted above a cabinet. an in-wall HDMI cable runs to the TV; we installed a power outlet that is hidden by the television. the bottom of the TV is 43-inches above the ground; the top is roughly 77-inches above the ground. by most standards, it's pretty-high, but we sit about 15-feet from the TV, we have 13-foot ceilings & we routinely swivel the TV so it's visible from dining or cooking areas, viewing distances of 20-30 feet. the TV "floats", with no visible cables ... articulating mounts rock! (and ... hell no, I didn't do this myself ... I can't hang a picture, much less a 175# television)

Jarod's picture

I mounted my Panasonic 55 ST30 plasma on a stand that also has three shelves for components and center channel. Its shelves are low enough to the ground and the mount was high enough to allow the center of the plasma screen to be just an inch or two above seated eye height and still have space below for my big Polk center channel aimed upwards.

nola.gent504's picture

Depending on the tv stand I'll have, it'll be on a stand or wall mounted-eye level, w/ a 5.1 setup. And the soundbars are becoming more popular-mounting them isn't too bad. But WALL MOUNTING TV'S OVER THE FIREPLACE IS SO OVERRATED! I was part of an install team(Baton Rouge, LA.), and we saw so many homes, where the tv had to go OVER THE FIREPLACE! Who REALLY wants to be looking UP, when you should be looking straight ahead...Home Builders, Stop the MADNESS!

bdaalex's picture

My 50" Kuro is mounted above the fireplace on a tilt down mount. To make the less than ideal height better, I lowered the mantel as much as possible first. I then chanelled the masonry wall from the corner of the room diagonally to the TV and vertically into the ceiling, plastering in conduit. The diagonal carries power and HDMI to the TV and the vertical carries cabling for the rears, second zones, networking, 12V trigger and a second HDMI to my Runco projector. My ceiling beams are positioned lengthwise, so to mount the Stewart motorized screen widthwise, I had to build a soffit in the corner of the wall and ceiling for the screen housing.

ndviper301's picture

My 40" Samsung is on its stand on top of my entertainment center.

tmsorosk's picture

Mounting the TV on the wall made the room look more professional and cleaner. Center of the tube is at eyeball level, no need to tilt the TV like we had to in the 80's.

stephenix1015's picture

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