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Would You Want to Control the Audio Mix?

In the Ultimate Tech blog this week, I describe a new technology from the 3D Audio Alliance that will allow consumers to alter an audio mix, placing individual sound objects, such as instruments, vocals, sound effects, and so on, wherever they want in a 3D soundfield and changing each one's relative volume. It's a fascinating idea, but I wonder if it's something consumers will want.

If this technology was available to you, would you want to play around with the mix, or would you prefer to simply sit back and enjoy the audio passively? Do you think many content creators will opt to allow consumers that much control over their material?

Vote to see the results and leave a comment about your choice.

Would You Want to Control the Audio Mix?

Malcolm02's picture

Yes, it might be fun to play around with the mix, once or twice. But I think it would quickly get old and I would want to get back to normal listening. What I will definitely not do is buy all my music again in this new format.

Malcolm02's picture

Looking on my iPhone, I see an app that I installed that contains the David Bowie song Golden Years, with sliders for all the instruments in the mix and you can adjust the levels individually, though obviously it's not 3D. Give it a try.

dnoonie's picture

Just because I don't want to doesn't mean that I haven't. I've gotten some bad mixes before where the rear channels were mixed way too loud so I turned them down.

I don't remember which discs but the occurrence is very very rare.

notabadname's picture

The modern studios in which soundtracks are recorded and mixed are reminiscent of a NASA mission control. To think you are going to get a better result on any rig at home is not realistic. I'll take the results achieved by Skywalker Sound thanks.

Jarod's picture

I voted no. I don't wanna mess around with the mix that the director and sound mixer created for the movie. My goal is to recreate at home what I seen and heard in the cinema as close as possible while staying true to the director or artists original intent.

Animal1984's picture

I like the idea of sound being pinpointed in a 3D soundfield and making movie soundtracks place sounds right next to you or as if a bullet wizzes by your head and not just from the front speakers through the rears. I've watched movies and thought how it would be cool if the audio were placed within the 360 degree field of sound that I'm sitting right in the middle of cause it would pull me into the movie more easily. I've read reviews of speakers where the reviewer said they had the ability to sound as if the music was right in front of you or far away. I wouldn't want to play with the placement of sounds, but if modern movies were mixed with 3dimensional sound it would very cool.

MrLarry's picture

Initially I saw this poll and thought "No Way!! Why would you want that at all". I had two reasons. First, surely you want to hear what the director intended you to hear and second surely the people that are techie/geeky enough to use this feature are the people who don't want this feature because it ruins the director's intent.

But then I read the article below it which uses sports as an example and I suddenly thought that would be cool in so much as you can get rid of the commentary, boost the crowd noise and it would sound like you are at the game maybe.

So I voted Yes, but it would have to be a very specific set of circumstances that led me to use it... And, realistically, if I used it at all it would be not that often.

Please 3DAA, spend less time on this feature and more time on the original goal of allowing directors to put the objects in the sound space. I want me a 3DAA receiver ASAP!!!