Would You Like Some American Pie With That Pizza?

As part of its mission "to provide home entertainment however consumers want to receive it," Blockbuster announced last week that it has taken a "significant first step" in the development of a national program to deliver movies and games to the home. Under a home-delivery agreement with Food.com, Blockbuster says that its videos will be delivered by Food.com through Takeout Taxi, a restaurant delivery service. Blockbuster has also recently announced a deal with MGM to develop digital streaming technologies for movie delivery.

As a result of Blockbuster's agreement with Food.com, which also includes an equity investment by the video company, the restaurant/food site is intended to become a new delivery service for Blockbuster. Blockbuster says it is also actively exploring opportunities with other delivery partners, including one-hour and overnight delivery services.

Blockbuster claims that its research indicates that home delivery of a movie and a restaurant meal appeals to more than 90% of active video renters. According to Blockbuster chairman and CEO John Antioco, "home delivery of movies from Blockbuster figures right at the top of the consumer wish list. We are very pleased to launch our home delivery service and take care of two consumer appetites at once—Blockbuster movies and great restaurant meals brought right to the home."

Food.com's Rich Frank adds that, "with our newly acquired delivery service through Takeout Taxi, and a Blockbuster store within a 10-minute drive of 70% of the US population, the opportunities for quality, timely delivery of videos and restaurant-prepared meals are tremendous." Blockbuster and Food.com say they plan to have a pilot delivery program in place sometime this summer.