World’s First Projection-less Movie Theater

Projectors, which have been a staple of movie theaters since the silent film era of Charlie Chaplin, are headed for extinction.

Samsung and Harman yesterday opened the world’s first projection-less movie theater at the Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul South Korea. Instead of projecting images onto a large screen, images are displayed on a huge, self-illuminating “Super S” Cinema LED screen.

The 33 x 18-foot screen, which supports 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) content, overcomes the brightness and edge-distortion limitations of projectors, according to Samsung. It is also certified to “provide 100% color representation” of the Digital Cinema System Specification (DCI) and described as 10 times brighter than current projectors, allowing movies, sporting events, and other programs to be shown in a brighter space, according to a report in Korea IT News.

Surround sound delivered by Harman audio technologies with JBL speakers is said to enable moviegoers to “hear vivid sound wherever he or she sits” in the theater, the report said.

Starting in major cities through South Korea, Samsung executives told Korea IT News the company is embarking on an aggressive plan to equip 10% of all movie theaters in the world with LED screens by 2020. The catalyst for the move is Samsung’s 2015 acquisition of Yesco Electronics, a company specializing in commercial LED.

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that is so cool, wouldn't know that is possible nor do i thought about it. 33 x 18 ft has a diagonal screen size of about 37.6 ft or about 451" big. that is a lot much bigger than 55" or 65" tv screens of nowadays.

i wonder how much would 451" 4k tv screen like that with hdr should cost? At least ten of millions of dollars i think?

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The ultimate home theater I would think.. Until it breaks..

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I'm confused... Where would the front speakers be located in the theater?

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I think it's funny how all the home theater editorials I've seen on this tech say that the end of projectors is coming, without even pointing out or knowing what logistical and financial limitations this type of screen presents over traditional projector and screen combo. I don't know if we're being tongue-in-cheek saying that the end of the projector era is coming, but that's not very likely to happen, not when this is the alternative.