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What Device Do You Mostly Use to Stream Video?

Last week, I asked, What is your favorite video-streaming source? Now, I'd like to know what type of device you use to watch most of your streaming. Until recently, there was one choice—a computer. But most modern TVs, Blu-ray players, and game consoles now offer apps to stream content from providers such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube, and many others. Then there are dedicated set-top boxes from the likes of Roku and Boxee.

So what device do you mostly use to stream video? As before, if you select "Other," please leave a comment telling us what type of device you use. And in any case, I'd love to know why you use a particular device as opposed to something else.

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What Device Do You Mostly Use to Stream Video?

AYColumbia's picture

Seems like the question should be, "What Device Do You Mostly Use to Watch Streamed Video?" That indicates the device being used to watch it.

The current question indicates the device, e.g., server/source, that actually is streaming the media. ;)

I mostly use my BD player followed by my HTPC and coming in third, my TV.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
But you're right, that formulation of the question would be more precise.
MatthewWeflen's picture

Actually, the grammatical ambiguity that bugs me more is that, as phrased, the question seems to ask what device you "mostly use to stream video." That is, it has other functions, but mostly you utilize its streaming function. Like a streaming BD player that you never actually play discs in or something.

So to my mind, the best phrasing would be "Which device do you use to stream video the most?"

ali222's picture

i use my pc and cell phone for streaming videos. Thanks for letting me to share my thoughts.iPad Mini Release date and Price

theo's picture

I absolutely love my "dedicated" AppleTV gen2 box. The interface for streaming media is top notch, there is an app for wifi remote, the Netflix interface is fantastic with 5.1 surround. Put that along with airplay and streaming my entire audio collection and I have a nearly perfect device. Nothing performs as perfectly in the ecosystem I've
Put together.

MatthewWeflen's picture

Since we watch free Hulu the most, it's our PC. We use the TV to watch Netflix. It's around 60/40 PC to TV.

notabadname's picture

Samsung Blu-ray player. Plays my optical, Vudu, Netflix etc with the same single "Movie" button option on my Logitech Harmony remote. I love the convenience and simplicity of having all my choices in the same "place".

MHolzinger's picture

I use a Roku box and use it hard wire and wifi see no differences

Poobaire's picture

Found this thing that turns my 40" HDTV into a wireless auxiliary display. It's really cool, kinda annoying that you have to restart after installing (I hate restarting) }:(

But it's great, I plug in the USB thing, then I go to whatever website and just watch (or watch a movie from my hard drive or DVD).

Plus I don't need to have wires for the kids to trip over :)

check it out:

utopianemo's picture

I mostly stream from my mobile device. It's just so darn convenient and I haven't the connection speed to stream content that looks(and more Importantly, SOUNDS) good enough to watch on my HT.

FrakU's picture

Not only do I not stream anything I now hate the word. Just like I hate the incorrect phrase "flat screen". It's "flat panel" people! Geeez.

What ever happened to the days when you turn on your "tube", lol, and -hello- you actually watch tv. I guess it all boils down to my movie collection. I preffer physical media over streaming/downloading because hard drives, that I know of, are no where near big enough to satisfy my needs. I would need about 20Tb's to hold all of my movies and tv shows now and another Exabyte(or 2) for the next 20 years of collecting. This includes Ultra high def and UHD-3D that's probably comming.

Oh yeah. I love 3D too so there's that.

notabadname's picture

Flat screen would cover any display that has a "flat screen" as compared to a curved one. It certainly has history as a way to differentiate curved CRT's from ones that were flat, but also is correct for essentially any LCD or Plasma (or even Rear projection) based screen technology as well unless you are familiar with some that are not flat. Any type of non-front projection TV could be a "flat-screen" if it were indeed flat, however, a CRT could not be classified as a "flat panel", even if its screen were flat.

jtokach's picture

I used to rely heavily on a Popcorn Hour in conjunction with GB-PVR and comskip.

capkingy's picture

I have a Sony Ps3, Roku box and ipod touch 4th with apple av hdmi adapter. Lately I have been using my roku box to stream revsion3 content and netflix. The ps3 does seem to have a much better picture than the roku while streaming netflix content. The roku box is awesome because its so small you can take it to a friends house to watch something and its a breeze to set up. I know there is a industry movement for physical media to be replaced by streaming content but I see bandwith caps to still be a significant threat to that. I may be old fashioned in preferring physical blueray disk but they offer the best video quality. Its also easier to collect a movie verses a stream and its not subject to your isps bandwidth cap. I really hope the a physical movie and music disks will continue.

Brak's picture

I have multiple devices that are streaming capable, and it comes down to which device is capable for which content, and if there is overlap, like in the case of netflix, which device has a better interface...

For Example:

I have 3 tivo's, all of which have netflix, and even though the app is limited (no search functionality), it's most convenient, as i can pop it up and watch without changing inputs.

I have a xbox 360 which i rarely use, as i don't have a gold account, so its only useful for what limited files it will stream from my NAS, and then content from Playon.

I have a Sony N100, which is my main go to, for everything that is not netflix (app is clunky, but does support search). it streams all content on my NAS, as well as Playon, Crackle, and a pile of other internet content (both music and video). It has completely eliminated my need for cable (thanks to crackle, and internet content via playon), and will be picking up another 2, to replace my Tivo's (cable has been cancelled)

Lastly i have a panasonic Blu-ray player, but i find the Applications to be limited, and tedious to access, so i only use it to watch discs.

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