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What Are You Most Interested In From CEDIA?

Right after Labor Day, the consumer-electronics industry converges on Indianapolis, Indiana, for the annual CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) Expo, which focuses on high-end home theater and other custom-installation products. Of course, we'll be there to cover all the home-theater announcements, but I'd like to know which type of products you are most interested in learning about from the show.

As always, I encourage you to leave a comment with more details about your choice. What brands are you especially interested in? Are you thinking about hiring a custom installer, or are you a DIYer? If you picked "Other," what are you referring to? Let us know so we can provide exactly the coverage you crave.

Vote to see the results and leave a comment about your choice.

What Are You Most Interested In From CEDIA?

utopianemo's picture

I'm particularly interested in speakers, AVRs and pre/pros, and projectors. I'm really interested in hearing about Emotiva products, as they are releasing their new product lines this week; about half of their entire lineup will be new(they may not be at CEDIA this year as they have their EMOfest this weekend). I'm interested in a lot of the other ID brands as well, such as Aperion, HSU, Outlaw and the like.

I'm also REALLY interested in hearing about the new projectors from Panasonic and Epson. They both use the same LCD panels, and they're both 3D, and from what I've heard, the Panasonic has the best 3D viewing experience of any projector under $10K. They both have 480HZ refresh so they only lose about 25% brightness in 3D mode as opposed to 50% for 240HZ LCD displays.

p.s. I'm a DIYer.

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