Warner Announces Red2Blu Trade-In Program

If you're like most early adopters, you have a stack of HD DVDs in your collection. You might still have an HD DVD player as well, but you probably also have a Blu-ray player by now, and the HD DVD spinner is likely gathering dust awaiting disposal on eBay. But what to do with those HD DVDs?

If they are Warner titles, you can now trade in up to 25 of them for the Blu-ray versions in the studio's new Red2Blu program. All you have to do is remove the original cover art from the HD DVD cases (no copies), mail them to Warner's processing center along with $4.95 per title plus $6.95 shipping and handling per order in the continental US ($8.95 per order for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico), and Warner will send you the corresponding titles on Blu-ray within four to five weeks. The program is available only to residents of the United States. For more info, visit the Red2Blu website.

This is a brilliant move on Warner's part. Here's hoping that the other formerly red studios follow suit.