Want to rent 'Up?' No closed captions for you!

Up You'll be in for a disappointment if you decide to rent Disney/Pixar's Up instead of buying it, especially if you're hard of hearing. According to the Consumerist, copies of Up distributed to rental chains like Blockbuster, Netflix, and Redbox are missing nearly all special features, including closed captioning.

Stripped rental versions of movies aren't unheard-of, but there's a pretty big difference between cutting out commentary and featurettes, and cutting out subtitles. If you're hard of hearing, this is a pretty big problem. It's bad enough to not hear the fantastic voicework of Ed Asner and Bob Peterson as Carl and Dug, but to not be able to get any of the dialogue in any form? That's a low blow.

Of course, this only applies to rental versions of Up. If you buy the movie, it'll come fully-equipped.

Will Greenwald