Wall-Smart Kits Now Available for Russound Keypads

Multiroom audio specialist Russound has announced that a flush-mount installation option is now available for its most popular keypads and touchscreens.

Using custom-designed installation kits from Wall-Smart, Russound’s XTS touchscreen and MDK-C6 and SLK-1 keypads can be mounted flush in the wall for a seamless, integrated appearance.

“As is the case with every new product and accessory we bring to market, the new options from Wall-Smart come as a result of suggestions brought up by our dealers,” said Russound CEO Charlie Porritt.

The kits provide an opportunity to “combine functionality and aesthetics, meeting interior design requirements for a totally flush appearance,” noted Galia Ben-Dor, co-CEO of Wall-Smart Ltd.

The kits are available direct Wall-Smart. For more information, visit wall-smart.com.