Vidikron Gone

The final curtain has fallen for the financially troubled Vidikron, as the company's dissolution has been announced by its secured creditor, Markland Technologies. As reported nearly three years ago, in August of 1999, Vidikron narrowly escaped bankruptcy at that time by arranging a line of credit and was then independantly financed by a group of international investors one month later.

The brand may be dead, but the lineage of its technology continues. Vidikron's remaining assets (including current inventory, parts, and service departments) have been purchased by a newly-formed company called Crystal View, based in Ambler, PA. Gary Guidi, president of HI-REZ Projections, which has serviced Vidikron projectors since 1992, says he has entered into a partnership agreement with David Wolff, former general manager of Vidikron of America, to market their own line of CRT front-projection systems under the Crystal View brand name.

Crystal View says that, available immediately for dealer delivery, are three CRT projector models: the Crystal View 1, Crystal View 2, and Crystal View 3, which range in retail price from $28,000 to $60,000. Future plans include a two-piece CRT model and a D-ILA projector. The company adds that all projectors are backed by a limited two-year warranty. As another benefit to its customers, Crystal View says it will send an Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certified technician to each new customer's home to calibrate the new projector during dealer setup.

Current Vidikron owners will apparently be provided for under the new arrangemnt. In addition to selling its new line of projectors, Crystal View says it will continue to honor existing Vidikron warranties and provide service for products in the field. The company says it is still working out the details for warranty service and indicates that there may be some charges to Vidikron customers.

Guidi says he pursued Wolff as a partner because of his "invaluable experience leading CRT projector marketing, sales, and customer service initiatives at Vidikron." Wolff adds, "During my stay at Vidikron, I worked closely with Guidi and HI-REZ to streamline and improve our customer service and projector repair concerns. I was very impressed with his company’s expertise and commitment to providing quality repairs and servicing. Accepting his offer to partner and form Crystal View was an easy decision to make."