Vidikron of America Back on its Feet

One of the most respected makers of video projectors is back in action. On August 31, Vidikron of America announced that it has been sold by its parent company, Vidikron Technologies Group, Inc., to a group of international financial investors. Vidikron of America is now an independent company for the first time in its 11-year history. The investment group backing the company has access to funding in excess of $250 million, according to VOA's public relations agency, JB Stanton Communications, Inc.

Vidikron of America, based in Jersey City, New Jersey, has begun shipping its new Kronos One HDTV-compatible projector to dealers around the country. The Kronos One is a high-scan CRT projector specifically designed for displaying HDTV. It also will project line-doubled NTSC video and other enhanced-definition images. Other new products from Vidikron will be demonstrated at the CEDIA Expo '99 later this month in Indianapolis.

The news indicates that the company is now on solid ground. "Vidikron of America has entered a new and very positive chapter in its history," according to executive VP James Wellnitz. "We've never before been in this strong a position financially, and look forward to building on our achievements and continuing to provide our dealers and customers with the best projection products and technology available."

Vidikron Technologies Group will remain in business, running its Projectavision and Vidikron S.p.A. operations from corporate headquarters in Milan, Italy.