Verizon Testing Cloud Gaming Service

Verizon is quietly testing a Netflix-like game streaming service, according to report from The Verge.

Verizon has not acknowledged the existence of Verizon Gaming, but the service is reportedly up and running on the Nvidia Shield TV streaming player in pre-beta testing and will eventually make its way to Android smartphones.

With the promise of an Amazon gift certificate, the telecommunications giant has recruited players to participate in the testing, the Verge reported, noting that the test involves more than 135 games, possibly including Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Battlefield V, and Destiny 2. Nothing has been confirmed but those titles were shown in a screenshot obtained by The Verge. It’s unclear whether some or all of them could are placeholders.

The report said a gaming app that comes pre-installed on the Nvidia Shield will be distributed privately to testers through Google Play later this month.

Early feedback includes complaints about lag, the report said, and in a recent email to testers, the Verizon Gaming team said the “trial is primarily focused on performance.”