Tubes for All: Monoprice Shows Hybrid Tube Amp

Monoprice the online retailer known for its cheap AV cables, accessories, and assorted electronics is attempting to step up its audio game (and capitalize on the vinyl revival) with a hybrid tube will sell for $150 when it becomes available later this month.

The 2x25-watt amplifier, unveiled at last week’s Holiday Spectacular press event in New York City, combines a tube preamp with a solid-state power section. Monoprice also plans to offer the amp with a pair of speakers for $200.

Why a tube amp? Monoprice’s Shane Igo explains in this video:

Stereophile are you paying attention?

speaker_luva's picture

The meter makes this look like a piece of junk. I expected more out of Monoprice hoestly!! Please change the aesthetics to be more simple and tasteful!

Jeffrey Lee's picture

The meter looks great. It's probably not very functional, but that isn't the point.