Tributaries Expands 18Gbps-Certified HDMI Lineup

Tributaries has announced the addition of a 5-meter passive cable and 40-meter hybrid optical cable to its lineup of 18Gbps HDMI cables.

Both cables are certified by DPL Labs and the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for 18Gbps performance to ensure they can pass 4K/60 high dynamic range (HDR) signals.

The new 5-meter UHDP Pro 5 cable replaces a 10.2Gbps active cable of the same length. “Passive cables are bi-directional and voltage agnostic, making any long run installation simpler and more stable,” said Tributaries in explaining the move to a passive cable.

Tributaries describes the new 40-meter Aurora hybrid fiber-optic cable as “the most stable long-length 18Gbps solution available” and offered a testimonial from Matt Murray, vice president of AVProStore: "These are the best AOCs [Active Optical Cables] I have seen. They will actually pass HDMI 2.0 without equalization. It is rather impressive; I had not seen it before."

The hybrid cable uses fiber optics to transport audio/video/clock data and control signals, while copper carries the Digital Display Channel (DDC) responsible for the two-way communication of Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) and HDCP encryption data.

Tributaries prides itself on hand-testing and validating the performance of every HDMI cable before it is shipped.

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