Tributaries Announces Longest 18G-Certified Passive HDMI Cable

Tributaries today announced that DPL Labs and the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) have certified its 10-meter UHDT Titan Passive HDMI cable for reliable 18 Gbps performance.

The all-copper Titan-10 is the longest passive HDMI cable to receive this 18G certification, which ensures that the cable is capable of passing a 4K/60 HDR signal, according to Tributaries.

“Passive HDMI cables are always preferred over active” because active cables are directional (they will not work if reversed), can experience compatibility issues with some electronics, and require a steady 5 volts for proper operation, Tributaries said in its press release. “Passive cables are bi-directional and voltage agnostic, making any long run installation simpler and more stable.”

A new copper formulation developed with Tributaries’ patented metallurgical engineering played a key role in enabling the length of the cable to be extended from 5 meters to 10 meters (32 feet, 10 inches). The formulation is said to possess high-frequency conduction characteristics that far exceed those of standard copper, which is important because HDMI signals operating at very high frequencies travel mostly on the surface of a conductor, a phenomenon known as the “skin effect.”

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