Toshiba Sells Its Stake in SED To Canon

Whither SED? That was a question on the minds of many journalists walking through Toshiba's city block-sized booth at CES 2007. As it turns out, Toshiba has sold its stake in the burgeoning flat panel display technology to Canon, its partner in the venture.

SED is claimed by its designers to possess a combination of the advantages of the CRT and plasma- outstanding blacks and contrast, ultra fast response times (still a minor bugaboo for the LCD flat panel), and the thin form factor consumers love with far less power consumption that current plasmas. Demonstrations of early prototypes have looked very, very promising.

According to TWICE, Toshiba will still have engineers working on SED with Canon and will eventually be a customer for SED panels when they're ready for sale. SED panels are still targeted to hit the Japanese market in Q4 of 2007.