Toshiba HD-A20 1080p HD DVD player Review System

Review System

80" wide, 16:9 Stewart Studiotek 130, white 1.3-gain

Marantz VP-11S1 1080p DLP projector

Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD Player
Sony PlayStation3 Blu-ray Disc Player

Anthem AVM50 Surround Controller
Ayre MX-R monoblock amplifiers
Theta Dreadnaught three-channel amplifier

Speaker System
Vandersteen Model 5A L+R
Vandersteen VCC-5 Center
Two Vandersteen VSM Surrounds with two Vandersteen 2Wq subs
Mirage BPS-400 LFE subwoofer

All video cables by
All audio cables by AudioQuest- Sky and Cheetah DBS interconnect, Kilimanjaro DBS speaker cables
Power Cords- Richard Gray's Power Company High Tension Wires and AudioQuest NRG-5

Power Line Conditioners
Richard Gray's Power Company 400S and 1200S devices