Top Treats for Home-Theater Fans Revealed

Maybe somebody should invent an exer-couch: According to a recent national survey commissioned by Blockbuster, popcorn and soft drinks top the list of favorite foods and drinks that people consume when watching videos at home.

Following popcorn as the favorite movie-watching snack (which was the top pick of almost 50% of those polled) were potato chips, pizza, candy, ice cream, cookies, and pretzels. In the beverage department, more than 50% opted for soft drinks, with water, beer, juice, coffee, and iced tea trailing behind.

"We're not surprised that popcorn came out as the food of choice; it's the number one snack at movie theaters," says Allen Klose, vice president of market research for Blockbuster. "And when people sit down to watch a video, they are creating their own movie-theater experience."

Another interesting find: Most of the food items sold by Blockbuster---with the exception of popcorn---are eaten immediately upon purchase. The majority of the concession-style treats, including Twizzlers, Milk Duds, and Raisinets, are not bought with the intention of being eaten while watching a movie.

"When people stop by Blockbuster to pick up their favorite video, we've found that they are not necessarily in the mood to grocery shop," says Klose. "Most often, our members merely want a quick treat that lasts about as long as the car ride home."

Gumballs top the list of popular snacks that folks pick up along with their latest video selections. "We sold about 10 million gumballs in 1997," according to Brian Kuterbach, buyer of food and beverage for Blockbuster. "And we anticipate selling 14 to 16 million gumballs in 1998."