TiVo's hitting New Zealand

TiVo_logo_min_RGBIt might be a long-standing DVR fixture in the United States, but down in the land of kiwis TiVo hasn't shown up at all. That's changing this November, when the service finally reaches New Zealand.

Unfortunately, TiVo comes with some caveats in New Zealand. It will only work with over-the-air programming available through Freeview; users who use a premium television providers like Sky can't take advantage of TiVo. Last year, Sky launched the MySky DVR, which has already made solid inroads among consumers. Still, according to Stuff.co.nz, TiVo hopes to sell 120,000 units by 2011, a relatively bold goal for the market considering MySky itself has only sold 80,000 units over the last year.

Will Greenwald