TiVo: More Than Just a DVR

TiVo wants the world to know that it’s more than just a pioneering DVR platform.

The company’s recently announced Next-Gen Platform bids for attention from both cable operators and streaming services, combining linear programming, video on demand, and DVR functionality into a user-friendly interface with "hyper-personalization," program recommendations, and voice control.

The system runs on Amazon Fire, Android TV, and Apple TV as well as the web, smartphones, and Linux-based software that can run on set top boxes, smart TVs, and cable boxes.

Whether cable ops and the big streamers will be interested in what TiVo has to offer remains to be seen. Comcast, for instance, has invested heavily in keeping its user interface up to date. And TiVo might need, say, Netflix more than Netflix needs TiVo.

“Consumers face a fragmented, ever-changing media landscape as new services, content sources and devices continue to proliferate,” said Michael Hawkey, TiVo’s senior vice president and general manager. “Media companies are compelled to evolve. TiVo’s Next-Gen Platform is specifically designed to meet the consumer’s insatiable desire for entertainment while enabling operators to maintain market share and remain relevant amid growing competition.”

For more information, visit tivo.com.