TiVo Checking into the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach

TiVo subscribers, how many times has this happened to you? You're watching TV, miss a line of dialogue, grab the remote for a replay, only to realize you're not home, and you don't have TiVo at the hotel you're checked into. Life sucks.

Well, chic travelers checking into the new Mondrian in South Beach, Miami won't have to worry about missing a show when their phone rings. TiVo is checking into their hotel rooms, for the first time ever.

From TiVo: "When traveling, schedules can be unpredictable and television choices in hotels are typically limited, making it far more difficult to watch your favorite programs . . . until now. For the first time in any hotel, guests of the new Mondrian in South Beach can enjoy the TiVo service right in their rooms, so they know that after enjoying dinner in Miami their favorite show will be waiting for them when they get back to their rooms."

See what the hotel rep had to say.

"We don't want our guests to have a compromised TV experience when they stay with us. Quite the opposite," said Scott Williams, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Morgans Hotel Group, the company that owns the Mondrian. "Our guests expect innovation from every encounter in our hotels. They love all things digital and TiVo is the coolest, most ground-breaking digital invention of the century and the perfect complement to our guest's TV experience. We're giving our guests cool tools to mange their lifestyle and maximize their experience; no more sacrifices when they travel."

These are going to be HD TiVos, connected to HD screens. They'll be able to record two shows while watching a third. Makes it seem like there's nothing else to do in South Beach besides watching TV. Be careful if you've never had a TiVo. Once you pause live TV, you really just can't watch TV any other way. Prepare to be spoiled. Forever. —Leslie Shapiro