Time to Buy Star Wars…Again?

You’ve likely heard that Star Wars will be re-released in a digital movie collection on Friday (April 10th), finally allowing people to legally own and enjoy all six of the films (or at least enjoy four of them, tolerate Episode II and just agree to disagree on most of the filmmaking decisions from Episode I ) on a host of devices wherever they are.

Finally, you can agonize over whether or not Han shot first while lying on the beach and deconstructing the film on your phone! Or be free to ogle Slave Leia while sitting on the subway commuting to work with your tablet! And groan over each line of Jar-Jar’s why-did-you-do-this-George?!? dialog while flying with your laptop! The Force is now strong in its ability to let you enjoy the Star Wars saga wherever you like! The films can be purchased a la carte for $19.99 each or in a packaged bundle currently on sale for $89.99.

I personally have a long history with the Star Wars films and have seen and purchased them numerous times over my life starting in 1975 1977 when I watched the film in a small theater in Carmel, California with my cousin while my parents shopped. (When the movie was over, we walked out of the theater, told my parents how amazing the film was, and then turned around and walked back inside to see it again!) I was also fortunate enough to see the original film at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Sadly, the thing I remember most about that experience was the stomach ache following eating an entire box of Red Vines along with a theater-sized Coke…

The first time I saw Star Wars outside the theater was in 1982 when my dad rented a VCR along with the movie. For an entire weekend, Star Wars was all mine to watch as much as I could stand. And it turns out that a 12 year old boy can stand quite a bit.

Since Jedi in ‘83, I’ve camped out in line to see every film—and every re-release on opening day. I’ve also had the privilege of seeing a Star Wars film in the Stag Theater at Lucas Ranch. (Granted, it was Episode I , but one doesn’t look a gift horse in the mouth when the opportunity arises to see a Star Wars film at its birthplace. Right next to the very chair George sits in to view the films.) I’ve bought the trilogy on Beta. Then on Special Edition VHS. Then on Special Edition Laser Disc. Then on DVD. Then on Blu-ray.

But as much as I love the films, and as a Disney shareholder like the circular idea of giving money which in a way kinda comes back to me, I think I’m gonna sit this round out. Especially since I’m sure there will be a new, absolute-reference-must-have 4K edition coming at some point…

For those of you choosing to make the plunge, the digital versions include a host of special features including some never before seen content. Full information can be found at StarWars.com. Let me know in the comments if the Force is strong with you buying this release.

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How were you able to watch Star Wars in 1975? I was released in 1977.

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You're right! Total year blow-it on my end! I must have been thinking about the Jaws release date...a movie my dad took us to see at a drive-in when I was 5! John
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Two things. First, I too have a long history with the movies. When I was a kid and home theater was rare, I willingly made do with a small screen and mono sound from the TV's tinny-sounding speaker. I was too young to see the original trilogy in theaters, so I didn't know what I was missing. Now that I've seen the movies in theaters and in my home theater, I really don't have any interest in watching the movies on a tiny screen with OK sound.

Second, even if point number 1 wasn't true, the price is a little hard to swallow. I think you can get the blu rays for less than $90.

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Give me the ORIGINAL movies, unbastardized by Lucas or GTFO. I will not be buying this or any other version of the "special edition" movies, nor will I be buying the prequels.

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My history is similar to yours, John. I saw the original with my parents in a theatre in Halifax, right when it came out. It was my first time going to a movie theatre. By the time Empire came out, we had moved to a small town, requiring a 3 month wait for first run movies. In those days movies were released to the big cities first and would then trickle out to the hinterlands over time. We, however, made the 2 hour trek into Halifax each time a new episode came out. They were the only movies worthy of the trip for the six years we lived in the sticks. By the time the Special Editions came out, I was living in another small town in British Columbia, requiring an hour drive in the mountains to get to Kamloops, the nearest town with a theatre. I taped my first copy on a Beta VCR from television ( a HUGE deal for such a movie to be on TV, as there were no movie Chanel's at that time), watching it so many times, I wore out the tape. I bought my first copy on VHS. My second as well, as Fox had released a widescreen version in a 3 movie box set. Then the Special Editions on VHS. Next was everything on DVD, with Episode I not even available in widescreen. And lastly my Blu-Rays. I won't buy the digital, as (like you) I'll wait for the 4K Super-Duper-Pooper-Scooper-All-Encompassing-Titanium-Extra-Special-Edition.

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Original versions of the first 3 movies or nothing. Han Solo shooting first recorded on glorious film !

I saw the original in 1977 seven times at the local theatre. After the first time it was by myself, no distractions, front and center seat so as to feel the full strength of the force.

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The only thing that would make me buy the Star Wars six movies again would be the 4K remastered and restored edition, hopefully done from an 8K scan of the camera negative and or digital sources. This is not too much of a demand for quality. I have it now on Bluray and only watch it on a bigger screen. Watching it on a phone or a tablet is just stupid to me.