TEAC AI-503 Integrated Amplifier/DAC Review Specs

Inputs: Stereo analog (2, 3.5mm front panel), optical digital (1), coaxial digital (1); PC/USB, Bluetooth wireless
Outputs: Stereo analog (1), 4-pole 3.5mm headphone
Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 11.4 x 3.2 x 10.4
Weight (Pounds): 8.8
Price: $1,000

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Ovation123's picture

Seems this would be at least as likely, if not more so, to be used with headphones than speakers (even if both are connected, I'd wager headphones would get a fair bit of use). Not all headphones play equally well in such devices--would have been nice to get output impedance for headphone jack, as well as power ratings at different impedance levels (for example, 300-600ohm cans, or some with low sensitivity at lower impedance).

anmpr1's picture

Compared to the feature set on integrated amps from the '70s, these modern things offer no real value. Basically a 22 watt/channel line level stage for a thousand dollars. No phono. No tape facilities, No filters. Where's the value in that? Good thing it has meters, so you'll know that the 20 watts aren't going to blow out your speakers. LOL. I just don't see it. I'd rather buy a used Accuphase or Sansui, refurbish it, and add an external DAC.

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The AI-503 would be nearly perfect if it included a phono input, but if it doesn't, concrete driveway brisbane you may still obtain that functionality by using a turntable with an integrated phono stage or an external phono preamp.