Take Vocal Command of Your Theater

A little know company in Cambridge, Massachussetts could change the way we interface with our home theaters. Using advanced technology, Ambrid has reinvented remote functionality with a universal remote control that uses voice commands to fully automate any home entertainment system.

The Ambrid remote doesn't require any special training and understands English commands right from the start, no matter who picks up the remote. All functionality of every component is supported via voice command and it is capable of controlling an unlimited number of devices via IR, RS-232, Ethernet and USB.

Whatever the function, it can be performed by the Ambrid remote. For instance it automatically knows the entire channel lineup for all North America stations – whether cable TV or satellite – and automatically updates any changes. Just say the channel number (202) or channel name (Watch CNN). Ambrid automatically knows all the music and video in your media players and will show libraries on-screen. You can say commands such as "show artists" or "show movies" or simply ask to play a specific file.

While the Ambrid is simple to install and has a simple menu driven configurator that requires no programming of the handheld device, it is only available through custom installers. It will fully integrate with other controllers or voice front ends (such as intercoms), to deliver unified audio, video, and home control. The system includes remote (internet) access to allow service changes without an on-site visit from the installer.

The sleek ergo-dynamic remote has only a small number of buttons, compared to other universal remotes. Depress one button and say your command. The Ambrid remote uses RF technology to provide long distance control, even through walls, entertainment cabinets and equipment rooms. It also uses proprietary software to eliminate interference.

No doubt due to the impressive $1980 price tag, the Ambrid is not sold at the local Best Buy. Go to www.ambrid.com for more details and to find a professional installer in your area that carries and installs the Ambrid system.