SVS SB-2000 and PB-2000 Subwoofers Specs


12 in woofer
500 watts RMS (1,100 watts peak dynamic)
sealed enclosure; line-level stereo in, line-level stereo out
12-volt trigger; 14.2 x 14.2 x 14.2 in (WxHxD)
34.8 lb Price: $699

12 in woofer
500 watts RMS (1,100 watts peak dynamic)
ported enclosure; line-level stereo in, line-level stereo out
12-volt trigger
17.3 x 20.5 x 22 in (WxHxD)
65.6 lb Price: $799

Company Info
(877) 626-5623

(877) 626-5623

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You mention how the PB-2000 isn't as powerful as your PC13-Ultra, but I wonder how two PB-2000s would compare? I haven't found a definitive answer to how much increase in output when you add a second sub.
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I have been a long time subscriber to Sound and Vision and have learned to trust the reviews on home theater equipment. So much that I have made purchases based on the reviews provided by Sound and Vision magazine. However, I must say after reading the latest review of the SVS SB2000 and PB2000 subwoofers by David Vaughn I am very disappointed.

See, I am a very proud owner of the PB200 sub and have been waiting for a professional review. I just received my newest copy of SV magazine today and BAM, a review of my sub. Here I am reading the review expecting to hear how great this sub is, but all I heard was how it was under powered it was for his 5000 cubic foot room. My god, didn't he talk to SVS first to determine the appropriate room size for these subs? Not everyone has that big of room, Then he placed it in a 1200 cubic foot room and complain it was too boomy, really? I am very disappointed that the review I have been waiting for has been diminished by a review not well thought out.

Why not put the sub within its elements and review it in a room which would be 2-3000 cubic foot room where this sub really shines. I don't think you did this sub or SVS justice with this review.

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The SVS Ultra the reviewer is so fond of, and found superior to both the current SB-2000 and the PB-2000, was made in the USA before SVS moved their production to China. SVS changed management and investors since the Ultra was designed and they seem to have gone from amazing small audiophile company to typical greedy corporation focused on profit rather than making good products.

I do home theater and high-end home audio for a living. I've seen several of the Chinese SVS subs fail in various ways, they're inferior to SVS's USA-made products, and I no longer want anything to do with them. SVS is nothing like the company they used to be. It's sad when a company tries to milk their former reputation with substandard products.

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Seems unfair to complain about the reviewer. Particularly one who is so self sacrificing as to subject himself to anything Eagles for our benefit.