SV Poll Results: Top 3 Biggest AVR Deal Breakers

For last week’s SV Poll we asked you to pick your ultimate AVR Deal breaker from a list of nine choices. The number one deal breaker? “Not enough power,” which claimed more than a third of the votes. Finishing strong in the number two and three spots were “ineffective room correction/EQ” and “overly complicated operation” with 21 and 18 percent, respectively. Combine low power and lackluster room correction/EQ with complicated operation and you have three super AVR dealbreakers that together account for three quarters of the votes. Trailing at number four and five were “too few features” and “too many features.” Wireless features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth were met with a shrug. Here’s the complete breakdown…

35% (338 votes) – Not enough power.

21% (205 votes) – Ineffective room correction/EQ.

18% (181 votes) – Overly complicated operation.

7% (72 votes) – Too few features.

7% (66 votes) – Too many features.

5% (48 votes) – No AirPlay.

3% (34 votes) – Lack of effective dynamic volume/dynamic range modes.

3% (26 votes) – No Wi-Fi.

1% (9 votes) – No Bluetooth.

marknott's picture

While bonus features and small applets are nice, I hope manufacturers realize that consumers want better features over more features. We want our sound clean and loud. The same philosophy should be applied to TVs. I don't want to view my flickr account, I want a kick A screen.