Super-strong Gorilla Glass heading to HDTVs

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One of the greatest fears of any home theater buff is that their awesome HDTV will be tapped, knocked, or flung-Wiimoted, shattering the screen into many sharp, pointy, useless pieces. The large glass panes in HDTVs are fairly fragile, and like anything else made of glass they can break from impacts.

This could change in the future, thanks to Corning's Gorilla Glass. The company has announced that it is dedicating a great deal of money on researching and producing Gorilla Glass for LCD screens. Corning is cranking up production of Gorilla Glass at its Shizouka, Japan factory for several applications, including cell phones and HDTVs. Gorilla Glass is a hardened glass developed to be extremely resistant to impacts and scratches, and best known for its use in the iPhone 4. If used in HDTVs, it could make them much sturdier and give home theater owners some much-needed peace of mind.

Will Greenwald