Stream TV Unveils 8K "Lite" Glasses-Free 3D Monitor

Stream TV Networks, developer of Ultra-D optical/rendering technology that enables a video panel to deliver 3D images without viewers having to wear 3D glasses, is not giving up on 3D TV, even though major TV makers have largely abandoned the concept.

At last week’s CES 2019 in Las Vegas, the Philadelphia-based company demonstrated its second glasses-free 3D screen — a 27-inch “8K Lite” PC monitor offering 16 million pixels that sits between a 4K monitor with 8 million pixels and a full 8K monitor with 32 million pixels.

In November, Stream TV partnered with BOE Technology Group Co., the world's largest panel manufacturer, and introduced a 65-inch “8K Lite” TV.

"What the 65-inch television does for entertainment, the 27-inch Glasses-Free 3D monitor does for gaming — provide an experience of unprecedented quality and depth,” said CEO Mathu Rajan. “Since our technology allows consumers to view all existing content in stunning 3D, there's no waiting for dedicated content. As new higher-resolution content becomes available from any source, it only enhances the amazing 3D effect consumers and gamers see on our screens."

Both TVs use advanced optics and powerful rendering algorithms to create a 140-degree viewing angle and convert content from any 2D or 3D source for glasses-free 3D viewing, according to Stream TV.

These products are not yet available on the consumer market but the company hopes to have a brand partner this year with roll out in late 2019 or early 2020.

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