Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 130 G4 Projection Screen Review Test Bench

Test Bench

As part of my testing I made a series of measurements to track brightness uniformity and color shift across the screen. The ST130 G4 material's gain provided a 21% total brightness increase at the center of the screen. An ST130 G3 material sample provided a 11% brightness increase, but since this was a test piece that wasn't pulled tight, the results may not be the same as with a tensioned piece of material.


Color uniformity using a full-field 100% white pattern was comparable on both the ST100 and the ST130 G4, with minimal differences measured at the sides compared with the center, though the light drop with the ST130 G4 was a bit larger due to the screen's gain. But even with the drop-off in measured light, both screens subjectively looked nearly identical.—KRD

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