Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 100 Screen Specs

Dimensions (WxH, Feet): Up to 90 x 40 (seamless)
Gain: 1.0
Price: $2,170 to $3,178; $3,097 as reviewed

Company Info
Stewart Filmscreen
(310) 784-5300

Stewart Filmscreen
(310) 784-5300

William Lee's picture

It would be great if you could do a comparison of the Acoustic Transparent Screen vs Non AT of the same model. Perhaps a 2 parts series; part 1 with emphasis on video, part 2 with audio.
I am in the process of building a dark cave. The StudioTek 130 G3 AT screen cost twice as much as non AT screen. Does AT have twice the quality as Non AT?

eclimax13's picture

Great review on a screen I have been heavily considering over that last month. Any chance you have been able to review the Elunevision Reference Studio 4k 100 screen that is said to be the same performance?

Mr. Hatcher's picture

I can say that I have seen and tested samples of both the Stewart ST100 & Elunevision Reference Studio 4K 100 and I use the same pj as Kris (JVC X700R). The ST100 is much more transparent and artifact free to my eyes. If you look closely at each sample, the EV100 has much more texture to the material itself.

If I had a batcave, the ST100 would be my screen, but my setup requires ambient light rejection so I went with DNP Supernova, which is the best ambient light rejecting grey screen that I tested.

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Thanks for posting this review Kris. I've told quite a few folks on the forums exactly what you found, but I'm not a reputable reviewer with fancy test equipment so my word was taken with a grain of salt I'm afraid. Hopefully this will aid people in making more informed purchasing decisions. It is true that you need a bat cave to get the best picture this screen can offer, but that's true with any front-projection setup. A projector can't project black, so the blacker the room, the higher the contrast is going to be. Some screens can enhance brightness and black levels, but this always comes with trade-offs in the form of aberrations/artifacts (sparkles, sheen, graininess, etc...).

Out of all the screen samples I have tested from various manufacturers, the only screens I would personally use are the Stewart ST100 & DNP Supernova materials.