Stewart Filmscreen Phantom HALR Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Review Test Bench

Test Bench


Calibrations were facilitated using the ISF Workflow in Portrait Display’s CalMAN 2016 software, controlling a Murideo Fresco Six-G pattern generator. Measurements were taken with a Minolta CS-200 colorimeter.

The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3500 projector was recalibrated using a Labsphere NIST-certified reflection target and saved into memory. Many screen manufacturers use Labsphere targets as a baseline parameter for a color-neutral, Lambertian reference with 99% reflectance at any measureable angle.

Measurements taken from the screen were compared with the reference memory. Space prohibits full documentation, but the Phantom HALR tracked very close to the reference memory at the center point. (The Labsphere target is 2 x 2 inches, limiting measurement comparisons to the center position only.)

For Test Bench measurements, a 100-IRE Full Field White pattern was displayed after target locations were mapped using an overscan pattern.

All measurements were taken at a distance of 10 feet from the 96-inch-wide screen surface in a totally dark room, perpendicular to the measurement point. This required the Minolta to be mounted on a telescoping light stand capable of elevating the meter to the required height for a direct-on perpendicular reading. The 30-degree-from-center measurement was taken at precisely 30 degrees (accurate using a Bosch electronic carpenter’s angle finder).—MPH

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