'Star Wars' Starts Going 3D in 2012


While many have been eagerly awaiting Star Wars to make its way to Blu-ray, apparently George Lucas has been hard at work bringing his beloved franchise into 3D. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, 2012 will mark the theatrical release of Episode 1: The Phantom Menace in 3D. Apparently, Lucas himself has been overseeing the overhaul process.

If all goes as planned, each film will get its own release during the same time period in consecutive years. That means it'll be 2015 before we start getting into the original trilogy. It's actaully a little encouraging that they will be so spread out, leaving plenty of time to give the conversion the attention it requires. Of course, the continued release is contingent upon the performance of the first couple films, which means there could be trouble if people aren't willing to shell out more money to see films that many fans...didn't care for. 

Of course, this means that the comprehensive Blu-ray set that's tentatively scheduled for next year won't truly be comprehensive, since it won't include the 3D versions of the films. Something tells us that won't hinder its ability to move copies, though. What do you think? Will you be putting down the dough to see Episode 1 in 3D?