sPult Sexy Surfer

Channel surfer, that is. Looking more like a pair of Manolo Blahnik kitten heels (go on, look that up), this remote control is about as simplistic as possible.  Simply elegant, that is. Designed by Yurii Smitana Perfilov, it was inspired by the scroll wheel of an iPod that we're all so used to using. Unlike most universal remotes, with more buttons than you could ever program, this one has only the most basic buttons you need in addition to the scroll wheel. See how it works.

Getting rid of the clutter, the sPult has a favorites selector, volume up and down, mute, and a power button. A display shows the current channel selection. The scroll wheel lets you easily scroll channels, and you can set up your favorites for ease of use. Come on, you know you spend most of your time on the Style Network.

Spult2 Hey, with a remote this sexy, you know people will think you're a true fashionista.-Leslie Shapiro

Via Yanko Design