Sony PS-HX500 Hi-Res USB Turntable Review Specs

Type: Manual, belt drive
Compatible Playback Formats: 33 rpm, 45 rpm
Audio Outputs: Phono-level analog, line-level analog, USB 2.0
Wow and Flutter: +/– 0.25%
Analog-to-Digital Converter: 16- or 24-bit/44.1-, 48-, 96-, or 192-kHz WAV; 2.8 or 5.6 MHz DSD
Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 16.9 x 4.2 x 14.4
Weight (Pounds): 11.9
Price: $599

Company Info
Sony Electronics
(877) 865-7669

Sony Electronics
(877) 865-7669

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The value for wow and flutter, ±0.25%, seems a little high for a turntable in this price range -- the cheaper Pro-Ject Debut III comes in at about half that. And there is no S/N ratio spec.

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Thanks for reviewing this turntable. When Sony announced the PS-HX500 turntable at CES 2016, I was intrigued by its ability to record DSD and PCM digital signals. I would like to convert some of my vinyl to FLAC 24/96 and transfer the songs to my Sony HAP-S1 player.

Sound and Vision:

- What is the physical size of the wall-wart power supply?
- Does the turntable stay powered at all times? No power "Off" switch?
- Are the four squishy rubber damping feet adjustable for leveling the turntable?
- What is the real difference between "On" and "Standby" settings?
- What is the phono preamp output? 2.5mV?
- What is the line output? 150 mV?
- I am under the impression the generic cartridge is supplied by Audio Technica. I cannot find any cartridge in the Audio Technica line-up that has a 2.5 mV output. Do you know the specific cartridge that is supplied with this turntable?
- The generic cartridge appears to be an Audio Technica CN5625AL or some variant because this is the only cartridge in their lineup that tracks between 1.5-3.0 grams (but it has an output of 4.2mV at 1kHz). Can I replace the supplied cartridge with an Audio Technica AT440MLb? (The AT440MLb tracks between 1-1.8 grams and has an output of 4.0mV at 1kHz).
- Does Sony supply an overhand gauge? If not, how does one adjust the
overhang on this turntable? Does Sony provide instructions for this?
- Does Sony's Hi-Res Audio Recorder Software work with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10?
- Do you know why the turntable's digital output is designed to only interface with Sony's Hi-Res Audio Recorder Software (besides obvious
vendor lock-in)?
- Do you know why the Hi-Res Audio Recorder Software does not employ noise reduction or a way to adjust volume for PCM? (Seems odd that you can't perform basic stuff using one software package).
- Did you measure the quietness of the turntable? If so, what the signal-to-noise ratio?
- Is the measured wow and flutter acceptable? Can it be adjusted?
- If you used this turntable to digitize records, what bit rate/sampling size would you recommend? 16/44? 24/48? 24/96?

I look forward to your responses.


Based on my understanding of this review, I offer the following suggestions for strengthening this product offering:

- After product launch, immediately release an updated version of the Hi-Res Audio Recorder software with native playback and noise reduction capabilities, and/or
- Update Sound Forge Audio Studio to interface with the turntable, thus reducing the chance of an orphaned product in the near future, and/or
- Allow third party software to interface with the USB digital output (again reducing the chance of an orphaned product in the near future).
- Provide suggestions for other cartridges that are compatible with this turntable. Please be specific with vendor names and model numbers.

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