Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable Review

PRICE $800

Easy streaming to Sonos
Automatically turns on
Included Ortofon 2M Red cartridge

App is finicky
Lacks phono output
Dust cover feels cheap
Complex music can overwhelm codec

The Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable is a fun, convenient, albeit expensive way to stream directly from vinyl into the Sonos ecosystem. With RCA line outputs, it's also a simple, solid turntable for a traditional analog system.

If you've wandered by some iterations of Victrola turntables on the shelves in Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Crate & Barrel, you wouldn't set high expectations for the sound quality of those suitcase record players. However, in a bold move, Victrola hit the market with the Stream Carbon Turntable VPT-3000 (MSRP $799), designed for the serious vinyl enthusiast who also craves the convenience of streaming into their existing Sonos ecosystem.

What's in a name? In some cases, over a century of history. It's common knowledge that today's Victrola is a distant relative of the original Victor Talking Machine from the early 1900s. What isn't as well-known is the background behind the current era of Victrola.

Victor merged with RCA in 1929 and continued producing record players for decades. But eventually, the Victrola name ceased appearing on turntables. In 2006, the name and trademark were revived by Corey Lieblein. Lieblein's company, Innovative Technologies, successfully sold budget turntables to retail companies such as Kohl's and Sam's Club. To be taken seriously, he purchased the sleeping Victrola name and trademark for an undisclosed amount. But it's the company's current CEO, Scott Hagen, who is responsible for this entrance into the higher-end turntable market and has spearheaded the company's innovation for the last few years.

The Victrola Stream Carbon (VPT-3000-BSL) is this new venture's most expensive turntable to date. It is clearly meant for a higher-end clientele. As alluded to in its name, the Stream is designed to connect seamlessly to an existing Sonos speaker system. It also has RCA line outputs with a built-in phono preamp to connect to a more traditional system. There are no phono-level outputs.

The Stream Carbon, again as alluded to in its name, sports a straight 225-mm carbon-fiber tonearm. The tonearm has a removable aluminum headset. It has an adjustable counterweight with two preset grooves calibrated for an Audio-Technica VM95 or the included Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. It also comes with a 45-rpm adapter and a simple dust cover.

The Stream plinth is a veneered low-resonance MDF material. With a total weight of 13.2 lbs, it's not exactly beefy, but it has some heft. The front has a single control knob. At first, it felt loose and wobbly, but then I realized there was some play to it, so it doesn't vibrate the turntable while you are adjusting the volume. The knob has an LED-illuminated indication ring. Different colors and flashing patterns indicate various status modes: pairing, problems, etc. The knob is continuously variable, so there's no hard stop to indicate that the volume is turned all the way down. The back panel has the RCA outputs, a power port, and an Ethernet port that can be used for setting up.

The top of the Stream has the speed selector (33 ⅓ or 45 rpm) and a spindle to hold the aluminum 45 adapter. There is an adjustable anti-skate force control next to the tonearm lift lever. There is a tonearm locking device as well.

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It seems to me (which may not seem to anyone else), that a pretty good turntable, which this seems to be, would have a direct output, whether it’s buffered to separate it from the built-in preamp or just a pair of jacks. The other geegaws might appeal to an entry-level user, but to me, they just raise the price without raising its value.

The idea that the turntable shuts off without raising the arm at the end of the record also seems odd.

I don’t know who they are trying to sell to with that feature set.

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As alluded to in its name, the Stream is designed to connect seamlessly to an existing Sonos speaker system. It also has RCA line outputs with a built-in phono preamp to connect to a more traditional system washington dc basement waterproofing . There are no phono-level outputs.

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To be taken seriously, he purchased the sleeping Victrola name and trademark for an undisclosed amount. drywall installation near me

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I completely resonate with your sentiment. There's a unique charm to vinyl records that goes beyond technology – it's about the experience, the nostalgia, and the connection to the music. I also share your love for music, and I find that sometimes, the analog warmth of vinyl brings a certain depth to the listening experience that digital formats can't quite replicate. It's wonderful how music can become intertwined with our lives and evoke emotions. By the way, I'm also a writer, can share one helpfull resource, and I often find myself enjoying music while I'm immersed in the creative process. It's like they complement each other, enhancing both the music and the writing journey.

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It has quite neutral and natural tonality throughout the frequency range, which helps the consistency of its presentation no end. The soundstage it creates is reasonably spacious and well-defined, so the midrange projects well and allows a vocalist to express themselves to the full. The top end has a little of that crucial bite and shine, although ultimately treble sounds are rolled off and err on the side of caution.

Switch to a hard-wired connection to a stereo system and, in broad terms, the story is the same. Significant low-end presence, impressive detail retrieval, treble sounds that are definitely on the safe side, and a midrange that communicates well. The integration of the frequency range is smooth and, yes, consistent, and the Stream Carbon describes rhythms with square-edged precision. bodrum araç kiralama , bodrum nakliyat

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As for performance, the Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable delivers impressive sound clarity and balance, capturing the warm tones and depth of vinyl records with precision.

In summary, this is a fantastic choice for those seeking a blend of traditional vinyl playback and modern streaming capabilities. Its sleek design, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB encoding make it a versatile and enjoyable addition to any music lover's setup.

For more information on home audio setups or related services, visit for comprehensive assistance.

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The idea that the turntable shuts off without raising the arm at the end of the record also seems odd for

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I love a couple of technology features the Stream Carbon provides during vinyl playback: Once a record is placed on the platter and the tonearm is lifted the table will automatically start spinning. A real favorite feature this table delivers is once a record side is done it will automatically shut off. This is extremely convenient if you are busy, or if you aren’t paying attention, and the record is done playing you won’t have to sprint to the turntable to lift the tonearm off the record.

Moving onto the Hi-Res Carbon. I started with the built-in phono preamp set to “phono” meaning I was using the built-in phono preamp’s circuitry to boost my analog signals to the Integra receiver. My first thoughts listening to the Foo Fighters’ Greatest Hits with the built-in phono preamp connected to the Integra receiver I thought the sound stage was wide with my Aerial Acoustics speakers and the image was detailed. Tonally, I thought the record did sound a little bright.

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