Table Talk: How To Set Up a Turntable

ACROSS THE CONTINENT, thousands are taking part in an almost-forgotten rite. It melds advanced technology, knowledge handed down through the decades, and a little dose of black magic. As most rituals do, it appalls many nonbelievers, but that fact only makes its practitioners relish it more.

Many rituals fit this description: home blacksmithing, heirloom chicken breeding, even Wiccan spell casting. But since this is Sound+Vision, we'll focus on an even more arcane and puzzling rite: turntable setup.

Decades ago, the average American bon vivant may have known what all those adjustments on his record player did, but this knowledge now resides mainly in the heads of serious audiophiles. Fortunately, turntable setup requires nothing more than manual dexterity, patience, and a few basic tools. And it can pay off in a much-improved vinyl experience (not to mention a sense of personal satisfaction, the envy of your friends, and - of course - a useful skill you'll have forever).

One thing to keep in mind: even some pretty expensive turntables, such as the Rega RP6, lack some basic adjustments. So if your turntable doesn't offer every adjustment we discuss, don't sweat it - just skip to the next step.

Ready for a better-sounding turntable?

Let's get started. 


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The Page links are all messed up in this article. It's great info, but I had to adjust the URL manually to read all 4 pages.

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The links have been fixed. Thanks for pointing this out. When the Sound & Vision and Home Theater sites merged some links were lost.