Sony Pre-loaded USB Flash with Movies & Music

So tell us: would you buy a movie or album on a USB flash drive? Even if it was a really good movie or album?

Sony thinks you will.  They're releasing MicroVault Click flash drives with Michael Jackson's "Thriller: 25th Anniversary Edition" or the movies The Da Vinci Code or Men in Black.

“We’re excited to provide consumers with a new way to enjoy some of today’s most popular titles, using our MicroVault Click USB flash drives,” said Shane Higby, director of marketing for Sony Electronics’ consumer media group. “By pre-loading content in this way, we are expanding the applications for flash drives, while offering a unique value that only Sony can deliver.”

See what else Sony has to offer.

"Thriller" will come on a 2 GB drive that also contains seven tracks including songs with Akon, Kanye West, and

The movies will be on 4GB drives with "one-click" play capability.

 “These Click USB bundles are perfect for consumers who enjoy movies on the go,” said Sean Carey, senior executive vice president, Sony Pictures Television. “The MicroVault’s size and convenience makes it easy to take your content with you, and with one click, launch a movie and watch it wherever you are.”

The pre-loaded 2GB drive will sell for $19.99 and the 4GB movies will sell for $29.99. So tell us - is this a new way of getting your movies something you would be into? Let us know. —Leslie Shapiro