Sony Announces Hi-Res Audio Gear for the Car

Sony announced plans to introduce a lineup of Hi-Res car audio products in time for the holidays.

Due out in December, the lineup will include a digital media player (RSX-GS9, $1,499), four-channel amplifier (XM-GS4, $299), and super tweeter (XS-GS1, $199). The new products will join a previously released lineup of front and rear speakers, two subwoofers, and a mono amplifier.

In addition to playing DSD files, the RSX-GS9 head unit upscales standard music files using Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE HX) and employs LDAC audio coding technology to facilitate high-resolution streaming over Bluetooth when used with Sony’s SongPal App. The player incorporates the ES9018S 32-bit audio D/A converter from ESS Technology and has three USB ports (one micro-B).

The RSX-GS9 has an aluminum faceplate with an OLED display and all internal components are enclosed in a rigid dual-layer chassis to minimize resonance and interference.

The XM-GS4 four-channel amplifier has a rated bandwidth of 10Hz to 100KHz and variable low pass/high pass filters. Intended as an add-on for the previously released XS-GS6921 rear speakers and XS-GS1621 and XS-GS1621C front speakers, the XS-GS1 super tweeter has a 1-inch soft dome and can be installed facing the windshield to increase high-frequency dispersion.

For more information, including a list of RSX-GS9 features, visit .

John Sully's picture

I just don't get it. A car is basically a fairly lousy place to listen to music. Even a very quiet car has a noise floor of ~60db and a lot of high frequency wind and road noise which is part of that.

Nothing against Sony car audio, I had Sony Mobile ES stuff in my system for 15 years or so and it was great. Once I got an iPod and ran out of options with the head unit, I got a Kenwood Excelon head unit which integrated quite nicely with an iPod. But could I hear a difference between 256Kbps AAC and CD in a car? No way. OTOH, if had had the scratch....

ricksmith's picture

It is quite noble that Sony has produced a tweeter specifically designed to match an amplifier capable of 100kHz. Sugh an amazing feat. Surely a fine Japanese engineer wouldn't design a tweeter that was octaves short of their source's response.

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