Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player Due Out in July

Sony today announced that its second-generation 4K Ultra HD Media Player will be available for purchase in July for $699. Designed for downloading 4K titles from Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K service and streaming 4K content from Netflix to Sony TVs and only Sony TVs, the FMP-X10 player can be preordered between now and July 15 for $499.

The proprietary player has 1 terabyte of storage and supports Sony’s Triluminos display technology, which is said to enhance color.

Video Unlimited offers 200-plus 4K titles, including American Hustle and The Monuments Men and ongoing episodes of the hit TV series The Blacklist. More than 50 titles are available to consumers at no charge. 4K content available from Netflix will begin with Season 2 of the original series House of Cards.

rhirschey's picture

Like any early adoption product, especially one from Sony, this is stupid. The fact that it'll only work with Sony TV's is just outright stupid and should be, in my opinion, illegal. But rather than drag them to court, I'm sure this dumb move will instead hit them in the pocket-book. I haven't bought anything Sony since 1998, and non-sense, proprietary products like this are why.