Sonus Faber Venere Speakers and REL T-7 Subwoofer Page 4

The foolproof fun of the 2.5 tower carried on into the home theater realm. When I played the Walk the Line DVD, I immediately fell in love with the Venere Center. It seems to have a subtle lower-treble emphasis that enhances vocal clarity without in any way sounding unnatural. All of the voices in my toughest dialogue tests, such as Chapter 4 of Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones, sounded extremely clear with no harsh edge and no bloating.

Throughout my DVD and Blu-ray Disc explorations, I switched the T-7 subwoofer in and out of?the system, and found it to be a welcome yet strictly optional enhancement. The Venere 2.5 towers had plenty enough bass on their own, but adding the T-7 brought the bass on “Get Rhythm” in Walk the Line from satisfactory to satisfying. Likewise, the Venere 2.5 had loads of punch during explosions and impacts in action movies; adding the T-7 just gave the lowest bass frequencies a greater sense of shake.

Bottom Line

The Venere line may be less expensive than other Sonus Faber speakers, but don’t you dare describe it as “cheaper.” In fact, compared with Sonus models I’ve tested in the past, I found the sound more accessible — more suitable for rock and pop music, more impactful for home theater. From design to performance, the Venere line is an unqualified success.