Sonus faber Announces Sonetto Collection

Italian speaker maker Sonus faber today announced the Sonetto collection, an eight-model speaker series slated to hit U.S. stores in late August.

Ranging in from $7,138 to $1,190 a pair, the collection comprises a trio of three-way floorstanding models — the Sonetto VIII ($7,138/pair), Sonetto V ($5,354/pair) , and Sonetto III ($4,164/pair) — the Sonetto II ($2,379/pair) and Sonetto I ($1,785/pair) two-way bookshelf loudspeakers, the three-way Sonetto Center II ($2,141/pair) and two-way Sonetto Center I ($1,190/pair) center-channel speakers, and the two-way wall-mountable Sonetto Wall ($1,190/pair), which can be used in stereo or multichannel surround applications.

Designed and manufactured in Vicenza, Italy, the new models boast a clean industrial design and employ new enclosure tuning techniques and transducers, including aluminum alloy woofers, while drawing on iconic elements from the company’s Reference, Homage, and Olympica lines. These include a hand-sewn leather top with an embossed logo and the “Voice of Sonus faber” tweeter/midrange configuration featuring SF’s damped apex dome (DAD) tweeter technology and midrange drivers made from a blend of natural fiber and air-dried cellulose.

The front baffle of each speaker is an integral part of the cabinet design, creating a seamless structure with curved sides and gun-metal accents that complement the leather top. Solid aluminum hardware is used throughout and down-firing ports expand placement options.

Three finish options are available for all models: matte white, piano black, and wood.