Snakes & Arrows on Vinyl: It's Here!

The 180-HQ vinyl version of of Rush's Snakes & Arrows arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Yee-hah! Can't wait to do a listening session.

One error I noticed on the back cover (yes, I know we've got the front cover pictured here): The last track on Side 2, should be titled "The Main Monkey Business," not just "Monkey Business." Hope the song itself didn't get "cut" to fit! -Mike Mettler UPDATE: Trudged out in the muggy 90-degree NYC heat circa noon on the 26th to pick up the MVI version of Snakes, which I'm now heading up into the S&V soundroom to check out in all its 5.1 glory. Full review will post soonly on the S&V website proper. -MM