Smart Speakers Now in 1 in 10 Internet Households

In just two years, smart speakers have found their way into one in 10 U.S. broadband households as sales continue to grow rapidly, according to a new study from Parks Associates.

The Dallas-based research firm said internet-connected smart speakers such as Amazon’s Echo or Google Home are in a steep growth curve that will see a 60 percent increase in 2017 over last year, reaching more than 20 million units and tripling to more than 50 million units by 2020.

“Consumer interest in voice-based technologies has surged across many areas of connected living as a preferred consumer interface,” said analyst Dina Abdelrazik. “Products from household names including Amazon, Google, and Apple have moved voice control into the consumer consciousness, and now Samsung is entering this field with Bixby, a voice-activated virtual assistant soon to be available on the Galaxy S8 smartphone. Voice is now vying to be the default method for consumer interaction with all connected products.”