Size Does Matter

Have you noticed recent advertisements for TVs use "classes" to describe the size category? It's not a 32-inch TV, it's a 32-inch Class TV. Is this why my new 37-inch TV doesn't fit in the same armoire that my old set fit in?

Actually no. My problem has to do with the size of the TV's cabinet. TV sets are categorized by the screen size, not the cabinet.  However, some 32-inch TVs measure 31.5, and now the fine print is actually indicating that.

What's changed?

A concerned reporter over at the New York Times was interested in the same thing. He noticed that recently, ads started reminding consumers that TV sizes were measured diagonally, and that the sizes of the screens weren't quite what they were saying they were. The manufacturers were hopefully just going for truth in advertising.  Supposedly, they're saying it's a limitation of the manufacturing process. So, they can design these amazing devices, but can't get the size right?

Most manufacturers' screens come up short. In fact, none measure larger than advertised. Funny how that works. — Leslie Shapiro

The New York Times