Sharp XV-Z3000 Front Projector: On the Bench

  • $3,499
  • 1280x768 single-chip DarkChip2 DLP
  • Key Connections: One HDMI input, two component video inputs, one RGB/PC on 15-pin DSUB
Features We Like: TI's 10-bit BrilliantColor video processing, Sharp's Color Management System, adjustable iris allows tailoring of light output

Features We Miss: Even at this price we'd like more than one digital video input, and we miss vertical lens shift, big-time

The sub-$5K segment of the front PJ market is heating up rapidly, and Sharp has always delivered massive bag for precious few bucks with DLP. The XV-Z3000 boasts some features descended from Sharp's DLP flagship, the Z12000 MKII, such as the Color Management System and adjustable iris. Just a couple years ago manufacturers were trying to pawn off 1024x576 DLPs in this price range, but this projector proves that real HD pixel counts and rich feature sets can now be found for less than the cost of a premium RPTV. Look for a web exclusive review soon.