• $2,300
  • 37" LCD
  • 1366x768
  • Key Connections: Two HDMI inputs, two component video inputs
Features We Like: Excellent connectivity with dual HDMI and component inputs, Over the-Air HD tuner, ambient light sensor adjusts image brightness to match room light, backlit remote

Features We Miss: No adjustable color temperature to tame low-level color tint, 37" screen is small-ish for a dedicated theater environment

At A Glance: Sharp's 37" AQUOS is balanced from top to bottom, offering a set of features that leaves little to be desired and well-rounded performance to match. The image detail was tack-Sharp, the blacks were the best we've ever seen from an LCD flat panel, and not surprisingly the contrast ratio is simply terrific. We saw some color tint at low-levels we didn't like, which couldn't be fixed as a result of this flat panel's most glaring omission- no adjustable color temperature. Although Geoff didn't like the poor response time, and limited viewing angle, the other panelists in HT's June, 2006 LCD face off felt this TV still stood tall above the others with its striking balance of performance attributes.